Like all games, Pai Sho requires a few basic materials to play. This section will focus on what those materials are, where to find them, and what to do if you are not able to acquire the materials.

There are currently a few great places to find the resources you will need to play Pai Sho. We will start with what you need, then go over the ways you can find these materials. Hopefully, this section will help you determine the best method for you.

What You Need

Pai Sho requires two major components: A board, in which you play the game on, and Tiles, the pieces you play the game with. Fortunately, there are convenient places to find these items.

Making Your Own

The first method, and cheapest, is to make the board and pieces yourself. Images of the board and tiles can be found on It is unlikely that you can print out a copy of the board for play, but you can use their image as a reference to make one with paper, poster board, or even cardboard. As for the Tiles, you can find here, you can print them and use them just as paper, tape/glue them to a thicker material, or just draw them yourself.
As stated above this is the cheapest way to acquire some form of a physical Pai Sho set. Depending on your creative skills this method can result in a really nice, or a really ugly set. If you’re focused more on playing than appearances, then this is a great method.

Purchasing A Set

There are a few places to purchase really nice sets for Pai Sho. You can buy just a board, just the pieces, or combinations of the two.

Lyris Laser Studio

Lyris Laser Studio offers a very nice Pai Sho board that measures 24″ in diameter and 1/4″ think. This is a beautiful board made out of birch plywood and is the perfect size to mount on a 24″ Pine Round. Lyris Laser Studio offers the options of just the board, the board and a full set of pieces, board and half set of pieces, and just a full set of pieces. Take a closer look here…

JasmineQuasar on Etsy

The Pai Sho board from JasmineQuasar is beautiful. This board is 24″ in diameter and 1″ thick. This is perfect if you are looking for a heavy-duty board that won’t need to be mounted. This board comes with the option of two finishes. The first being standard with no form of protective coating. The second, for an additional cost, provides a semi-gloss wax shine to help protect the board. This board does not come with any additional pieces. Take a closer look here…

Wiki Pai Sho Set on Etsy

The Wiki Pai Sho set is a beautiful tileset to be used with your Pai Sho board. This set includes all of the pieces for one player. Unfortunatly, at the time of writing, this item is sold out. It is still included as it gives a good idea of some nicer tiles as well as recommended links to similar tiles you can purchase on Etsy. Take a closer look here…

Play Without A Set

Currently, there are very few ways to play Pai Sho without a set. Limited to the Nickelodeon Official Web version and the Skud Pai Sho web game. Both are great games and a fun way to play Pai Sho. This section will be updated as more options become available. These games are covered more in depth on the “Play Pai Sho” page.