The International Pai Sho Association (IPSA) is a fictional organization created as a host to the future of Pai Sho. Although fictional, IPSA does strive to be the foundation for what could eventually be a proper Pai Sho Organization.

Our goal at IPSA is to create a central hub for Pai Sho information. This includes News and Updates in the Pai Sho world as well as tutorials and rules for the various styles of Pai Sho. We do not intend to replace the previous Pai Sho community’s work but use it as a strong foundation for our mission.

Unlike paisho.pbworks.com, IPSA does not intend to be a place where new forms of Pai Sho are created or altered. IPSA aims to unify finished variations of Pai Sho with the other complete versions. This will allow for a central area for people to reference complete Pai Sho rules. IPSA hopes to work closely with both the paisho.pbworks.com community as well as SkudPaiSho.com to bring the best of Pai Sho to everyone.

IPSA is designed to feel like it exists in a modernized version of the Avatar Universe. This will lead to the creation of other fictional references and ideas, such as the competitive scene. All though no real competitive scene for Pai Sho exists, IPSA hopes to lay the groundwork for anyone who would like to play Pai Sho under the assumption that there is a competitive scene.

We at IPSA hope Pai Sho can reach the hearts of everyone.